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“Eighty days ago I started using this app. I’ve gone over one million steps. I pretty much do the same routine daily. That’s an average of 13,500 steps a day. That means since I met Paul O’Neill… give or take a step or two thousand I’ve walked 162,607,500 steps. Each one of those steps was different since the day I met him.

Life flies by. I’m happy that mine flew by with him and Savatage and TSO. I have a lot of life left. The next 162 million steps will be followed by a new angel. The next thousand shows he will watch from the sky but I’ll always know he’s there. He visited in a dream and told me it was time to get back to work. That everything would be ok. Today I’m back in my studio recording guitars for a new record. A record you will hear soon. More details on that will follow asap. After that is finished I will submerse myself in a new solo CD. One I will have infinite inspiration to write. In the meantime I want to thank you all for your friendship and support during this trying time.

Many chapters left in this play. Time to make them come alive…”

9 thoughts on “Caffery has followed up his tribute to O’Neill with an update:

  1. He must have been a good guy
    Besides his musical talents.
    I ve been listening to his work and (yours) for years.Sorry for your loss,

  2. Chris, My heart goes out to you as you continue to mourn the loss of Paul. We all carry a small hole in our heart when someone we love passes, but they are still with us in ways we recognize if we watch for the signs. You now have a guardian angel that will help to guide you as you continue on with your career and music. I look forward to seeing you with TSO this season even though I was disappointed that your are not coming to Providence and we will be going to Worcester, MA. We did not miss a show in Providence and we don’t intend to begin now. Love, Joy and Blessings.

  3. Not only do I personally feel that you are an amazing, caring, kind, generous, creative in everyway kind of guy. Your musical talents are off the charts. Very blessed to be able to follow you in your many Avenues of your Entrpreneur adventures. Your words above are very moving hence the steps part. LOL Get it…..THe Cd heaven is Real is new? I have a C.D. signed w/poster from you with an order from last year about this time. I usually get my holiday shopping started with you well of course my TSO show tickets too. This is 1 of my gift’s to my family for past 5 + years. My daughter for the past 13 years. I also for sure order gifts for myself as well. Heading into both stores Wilbur n other next. I have via facebook a few times asked about a Wilbur charm necklace with Angel Wings on the sea glass? If this is something that can be made and done I’d love to order and purchase. I do know you’ll be getting busy with TSO soon. I do appreciate you for the time you give to social media. From all your FB likes, to commenting back, as well as using my photo as your cover for few days last November 2016 from the Wilkes-Barre Mohegan Sun Arena.which made my day. I could go on forever. Oh please Do Not Let Your Head explode. Just kidding. even your input on the Legoland way to be, Jimmy Sturr and more. Best to you ever so sad way to many losses for you, family band family and more. Sorry never takes away the pain and missing the greatness of all these people.Just Happy they were in your life in the physical and now flying high above Angels every where.a firm believer of that. A Fan in deed I is. Have a great week. Hope to hear back on necklace. Debra Goff-Deigert

  4. Good Morning! Chris is this you?
    I’ve been nicely Trying to contact you about my Order from August.
    All your older reply messages are now Gone from here! ?
    Did u remove them?
    Did I do something Wrong?
    I’m SAD. Do I just ask for my $$ back, or what’s happening?
    PLZ, let me know.
    I’ve been a Long Time Fan of Yours, but your CD’s and also an avid TSO Fan since 1999.
    18 Years!!!
    I’ve been attending TSO shows on the Floor & Side seats, double shows when possible since 2001. My Christmas Present nearly Every Yr!
    You’ve seen me many times. I’m just kinda low key on Social media compared to many on here.
    I had 2 Aspergers Step Children to Raise & protect all Alone, while their Father worked. No Family to Help me. So not much time for Social Media. They were very Needy. Hard for me.
    T.G. son David has graduated HS and in RIT college now. Happy!
    Now I finally have so Time for Me.
    I ordered the blk Wilbur T shirt XL & G wire Bracelet to wear @ this years TSO Shows along with my TSO clothing.
    I’m bummed that they Never arrived & I’m having a hard time contacting you or anyone about them.
    Do I get a Refund? Do I get some Wilbur Halloween ?? jewelry in place of it??
    PLZ, let me know Chris
    I’ve been So Patient, waiting 50 Days now!
    Angel J. Sylvester
    (aka Judee)

  5. Chri, Morgan and I sitting and watching a lovely snowfall and our thoughts were with you when we found this. Thankyou for you wise words and your music. I can’t wait to hear your new songs. Take care as you walk your next trillion steps.

  6. Chris, Morgan and I sitting and watching a lovely snowfall and our thoughts were with you when we found this. Thankyou for you wise words and your music. I can’t wait to hear your new songs. Take care as you walk your next trillion steps.

  7. Have an awesome tour Chris. May you be safe as you travel on this tour. We all love you and you are always in our hearts. Paul, Dave and Jane Train will be watching over all of you as you continue to share his dream. God Bless and watch over these wonderful talented people as they follow there dreams

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